Sang O Khisht By Kanhaiya Lal Kapoor Pdf


Book Name: Sang O Khisht

Writer: Kanhaiya Lal Kapoor

The book Sang O Khisht Pdf is an excellent collection of funny essays by Kanhaiya Lal Kapoor. The writer describes many events, social activities, and persons in the book. He told some characters who create humor through their fool acts.

Kanhaiya Lal Kapoor was a famous writer and humorist who authored some outstanding books in Urdu and Hindi. His articles were published in some magazines in United India and got the readers’ appreciation. I hope you like to read the book Sang O Khisht Pdf and share it with your friends.

Here you can download Kanhaiya Lal Kapoor books in pdf. You may read Kulliyat Kanhaiya Lal Kapoor, Khumar e Gandum, and Musaddas e Badhali. Now you can subscribe to our website for updates about fresh book posts.

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