Shaheedan e Namoos e Risalat By Mateen Khalid Pdf


Book Name: Shaheedan e Namoos e Risalat

Writer: Muhammad Mateen Khalid

The book Shaheedan e Namoos e Risalat Pdf is an excellent work on Namoos e Risalat. Muhammad Mateen Khalid is the author of the book. He told the life of the persons who sacrificed their lives for the respect of the Holy Prophet. They killed the enemies of the Prophet of Islam. The author describes the lifespan of Ghazi Ilm Ud Din Shaheed and many others.

Muhammad Mateen Khalid is a famous journalist and writer. In his brilliant writing career, he authored some excellent books on Namoos e Risalat that earned much respect for him. Moreover, Mateen Khalid stood against the fake viewpoint of Qadiyanis and penned some books about it. I hope you like the book Shaheedan e Namoos e Risalat Pdf and share it.

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