Shaitani Jaal Novel By Raheela Mushtaq Pdf


Book Name: Shaitani Jaal Novel

Writer: Raheela Mushtaq

The book Shaitani Jaal Novel Pdf is an excellent social, romantic, and thrilling story by Raheela Mushtaq. In this novel, the writer describes the life of a criminal man who belonged to a noble family. He left his family to get some unlawful desires and became a threat to society. Ultimately, the man apologizes to his family and gets rid of his criminal life.

Raheela Mushtaq is a top female story writer and famous novelist. She started her career writing for digests and magazines. She authored many excellent novels and serialized stories, gaining fame. Raheela Mushtaq wrote horror stories that are popular among readers. I hope you like to read the book Shaitani Jaal Novel Pdf and share it with your contacts.

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