Shamsheer Ka Karz Novel By Khan Asif Pdf


Book Name: Shamsheer Ka Karz Novel

Writer: Khan Asif

The book Shamsheer Ka Karz Novel Pdf is a history story by Khan Asif. The writer describes the details of the attacks of Zaheer Ud Din Babar in India. Khan Asif discussed the wars of Panipat and Khanwah and the victories of Babar in it. He told the earlier life and rule of Babar and his policies.

Khan Asif was a great story writer, novelist, and biographer of Urdu. In his brilliant writing career, he authored many popular books in history. Khan Asif wrote the biographies of the Auliya Allah, which got a high appreciation. I hope you like to read the book Shamsheer Ka Karz Novel Pdf and share it with your friends on different social media platforms.

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