Taaghot Novel Urdu By Rizwan Ali Soomro Pdf

Book Name: Taaghot Novel Urdu

Writer: Rizwan Ali Soomro

Taaghot Novel Urdu Pdf is an excellent thrilling adventure, horror, and mystery story by Rizwan Ali Soomro. It was published in a monthly digest and got readers’ appreciation for its topic. In this novel, Rizwan Ali Soomro describes the adventure of a young boy searching for a treasure.

The boy went to a wonderland with his team and faced many strange events. He showed a sign of great courage and bravery to get the precious treasure. The writer told many fearful events and portrayed a clear picture of the island in an unknown place. This story brings the readers to a land of dreams and captures their minds.

Rizwan Ali Soomro is a famous story writer and a top novelist. In his writing career, he authored dozens of books and novels published in monthly digests. Rizwan Ali Soomro highlighted many humanitarian issues and criticized the evils. He uses his pen to educate the community. I hope you like to read the book Taaghot Novel Urdu Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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