Tanbeeh Ul Ghafileen By Abul Laith Samarqandi Pdf


Book Name: Tanbeeh Ul Ghafileen

Writer: Imam Abul Laith Samarqandi

The book Tanbeeh Ul Ghafileen Pdf is an excellent book on the teachings of Islam by Imam Abul Laith Samarqandi. In this book, the writer describes many virtues of Islam. Imam Abul Laith Samarqandi explained the definition of sins prohibited for every Muslim. He quoted many verses from the Quran, Hadith, and other scholars.

Imam Abul Laith Samarqandi was a great scholar of Islam, Sufi, and writer of some excellent books. He gained much fame for this favorite book translated into many other languages. I hope you like to read the Tanbeeh Ul Ghafileen Pdf book and share it with your friends.

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