Tazkira Akabir e Ahlesunnat By Abdul Hakeem Pdf


Book Name: Tazkira Akabir e Ahlesunnat

Writer: Allama Abdul Hakeem Sharf Qadri

Allama Abdul Hakeem Sharf is the author of the book Tazkira Akabir e Ahlesunnat Pdf. It is an excellent book that contains the biographies of many great scholars of Ahle Sunnat. The author discussed their work and achievements also. He also explains their services for Islam and Muslims.

Abdul Hakeem Sharf was a great scholar and writer. He was the teacher of Hadith in Jamia Nizamia Lahore. He authored some excellent books on Islam and biographies. His books are beneficial and used as references. I hope you like to read the book Tazkira Akabir e Ahlesunnat Pdf by Allama Abdul Hakeem Sharf and share it with your friends.

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