Tilismat e Farang By Ali Sufian Aafaqi Pdf


Book Name: Tilismat e Farang

Writer: Ali Sufyan Aafaqi

The book Tilismat e Farang Pdf is a travelogue by Ali Sufyan Afaqi. In this book, the writer tells the details of his visit to England. He explained the people’s culture, customs, civic sense, and lifestyle. He met with the different people there and visited some historical places.

Ali Sufyan Afaqi was a top journalist, columnist, and writer. He had a vast knowledge of the film industry and the modern world. Ali Sufyan Afaqi authored some excellent informative travelogue books, which got the readers’ appreciation. He wrote some excellent essays for Urdu magazines and digests. He gave much helpful information to the readers in his writings.

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