Umra Bar Dare Fuqra By Anwar Qamar Pdf


Book Name: Umra Bar Dare Fuqra

Writer: Muhammad Anwar Qamar

The book Umra Bar Dare Fuqra Pdf is an excellent collection of essays about the life of different rulers and saints. M Anwar Qamar is the author of these essays. In this book, he describes the meetings of Muslim rulers and the saints. The rulers came to Auliya Allah to get some advice and prayers.

Master Anwar Qamar was a famous writer, researcher, and educationist. In his brilliant career, he authored some excellent books and essays for Noor E Islam, a monthly magazine. Anwar Qamar lived in Sharqpur Sharif and wrote the biographies of Auliya Allah. He tried to educate the people through his pen. I hope you like to read the book Umra Bar Dare Fuqra Pdf and share it.

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