Wal Asar Novel By Amtul Aziz Shehzad Pdf


Book Name: Wal Asar Novel

Writer: Amtul Aziz Shehzad

The Wal Asar Novel PDF is an episodic story by Amtul Aziz Shehzad. It is published in a digest and appreciates its unique topic. In this novel, Amtul Aziz Shehzad discusses our society’s social and ethical issues. She boldly criticizes evils and plays her role in the community’s education.

Amtul Aziz Shehzad is a leading female story writer and established novelist. She is a regular writer for the digests and has penned some famous stories and novels. Meanwhile, Amtul Aziz gained fame for her stories like Bombay Ki Bano and Shehar e Ashob. I hope you like reading the book Wal Asar Novel PDF and sharing it with your social media friends.

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Download Episodes 1-29

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