27140 Kilometer Novel By Rizwan Ali Ghuman Pdf


Book Name: 27140 Kilometer Novel

Writer: Rizwan Ali Ghuman

The book 27140 Kilometer Novel PDF is an excellent social, romantic, and motivational story by Rizwan Ali Ghuman. In this novel, the writer describes the life of a young boy who traveled a lot to meet his love. He became an immigrant who faced the situation with great courage.

The man was a resident of southern Punjab in Pakistan and liked a girl. He aimed to get the girl but faced the rude behavior of society. He also planned to meet him when he knew about the girl’s travel to the United States. The story is a tale of courage and patience.

Rizwan Ali Ghuman is a famous story writer and novelist who authored some best-selling books in a short period. He highlighted the issues and pains of overseas people. Rizwan Ali Ghuman explained life in Europe after the 9/11 attacks. I hope you like reading the 27140 Kilometer Novel PDF book and sharing it with your friends.

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