Adab Ul Mureedain Urdu By Syed Gaisu Daraz Pdf


Book Name: Adab Ul Mureedain Urdu

Writer: Syed Muhammad Hussaini Gaisu Daraz

Khatima is an Urdu version of a famous Persian book, Adab Ul Mureedain PDF. Syed Muhammad Hussaini Gaisu Daraz is the author of the book. It is an excellent book in Tasawwaf that includes a disciple’s basic principles.

Syed Gaisu Daraz was a famous scholar and saint in the Chishti order of Sufism. He belonged to the Nizami Faridi branch and later lived in south India. Syed Gaisu Daraz authored some great books, and this publication is one of them. I hope you like to read the book Adab Ul Mureedain PDF and share it with your friends.

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