Hadees e Dilbaran By Fazal Ahmad Moonga Pdf


Book Name: Hadees e Dilbaran

Writer: Fazal Ahmad Moonga

The book Hadees e Dilbaran PDF is excellent writing by Fazal Ahmad Moonga on the life of Hazrat Mian Sher Muhammad Sharqpuri. He was a famous saint and spiritual teacher in the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi order. He spent the whole of his life in Sharqpur Sharif, and the town is known for his name.

Mian Sher Muhammad is famous with the title of Alahazrat Sher e Rabbani in his followers and likers. He taught the lesson of Sunnat to the people and advised them to follow the path of Islamic Shariah. Moreover, he changed the lives of thousands of people in the surrounding areas to put himself as a role model.

Haji Fazal Ahmad Moonga was a researcher, poet, and writer. He penned this book to introduce the people to some hidden aspects of the life of Mian Sahib. Meanwhile, Haji Fazal Ahmad Moonga is a faithful follower of the Muslim saints and scholars. He quoted most of the events concerning his father, a Mureed of Mian Sher e Rabbani.

I hope you like to read the book Hadees e Dilbaran PDF and share it. Here, you can download Tasawwaf Books in PDF. You may read Umra Bar Dare Fuqra, Barre Sagheer Ke Auliya Aur Unke Mazar, and Manba e Anwar.

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