Ahram e Misr Se Farar By A Hameed Pdf


Book Name: Ahram e Misr Se Farar Novel

Writer: A Hameed

The book Ahram e Misr Se Farar Novel Pdf is an excellent story by A Hameed. The book is a fiction story that contains many historical facts. The author told the story of a man from the Egyptian civilization. It started five thousand years ago. The book is a part of the Aatoon series.

A Hameed gives some helpful information on it. He mentioned the Egyptian traditions, customs, and culture ruled by the Pharaoh. They believed in superstitious powers and performed strange religious activities. They do not believe in the oneness of God and worship multiple things.

A Hameed was a famous story writer of Urdu. In his career, he authored many books, novels, and travelogues. He was a natural writer who had great talent. A Hameed wrote some super hit television dramas for children, gaining him immortal fame. I hope you like to read Ahram e Misr Se Farar Novel Pdf and share it with your friends.

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