Iblees e Misr Novel By Almas MA Pdf Download

Book Name: Iblees E Misr

Writer: Almas MA

The book Iblees e Misr Pdf is a collection of some great stories from the history of Islam. The author claimed that he took all the facts from the Quran and Hadith. These stories contain some moral lessons for the Muslims in it. Allah Almighty awarded his favourite people and showed his anger for the evils.

Almas MA is a favourite book and novel writer. He wrote many great novels and history books. He compiled Islamic history on the pattern of a story. I hope you like to read the book Iblees e Misr Pdf and share it with your friends on social media sites.

Here you can download Almas MA Novels in pdf. On our site, you may read novels like Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, Ibn e Attash Novel and Aurangzeb Alamgir.


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