Ahram Ke Devta Novel By A Hameed Pdf


Book Name: Ahram Ke Devta Novel

Writer: A Hameed

The book Ahram Ke Devta Novel is a story from the history of Egypt. It describes the time of the Firons. A Hameed discussed the ruling style and cruelty of the ancient Egyptian rulers. The book contains a lot of information about Egypt’s old civilization and traditions. It is also useful for students of history.

A Hameed is a perfect name for the writers of Urdu. He authored many quality books and novels. He wrote some biographies and travelogues also. Most of his books got a high appreciation from the readers. A Hameed wrote some super hit tv dramas like Ainak Wala Jin. I hope you like reading the Ahram Ke Devta Novel and sharing it with your friends.

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