Aik Aankh Aur Pakistan By Inayatullah Pdf Download


Book Name: Aik Aankh Aur Pakistan

Writer: Inayatullah

The book Aik Aankh Aur Pakistan Pdf is a patriotic story by Inayatullah. The writer describes the love for the motherland. At the time of the creation of Pakistan, millions of the people migrated to Pakistan from India. They faced difficulties and sacrifices a lot in the love of their country.

The author told about the people who faced financial and physical loss at that time. A woman in refugees lost her one eye in a fight. The Sikhs and Hindus killed the people who were traveling to Pakistan. They kidnapped the girls and killed the children with no mercy.

Inayatullah is a prominent name in the Urdu story writers. He authored dozens of the super hit novels and history books. He wrote on the two-nation theory and the partition of India. I hope you like to read the book Aik Aankh Aur Pakistan Pdf and share it with your friends.

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