Gosha e Aafiyat Novel By Shagufta Bhatti Pdf

Book Name: Gosha e Aafiyat Novel

Writer: Shagufta Bhatti

The book Gosha e Aafiyat Novel Pdf is an excellent social and romantic story by Shagufta Bhatti. In this novel, the writer describes the love affair of a girl and a boy. Both of them faced many difficulties with meeting each other. After much disappointment, the girl married to another man but divorced very soon.

The boy also turned his attention to some other girls and tried to busy in life. He felt regret about his decisions in the past but not satisfied with his present life. After some years, they met each other and married. The author said that people many times wrong in their lives, but they have some chances to recover it.

Shagufta Bhatti is a talented female story writer and emerging novelist of Urdu. She is a regular writer for the monthly digests and magazines. In her short writing career, she produced many excellent stories and episodic novels. I hope you like to read the book Gosha e Aafiyat Novel Pdf and share it.

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