Aisi Chali Jab Hawa Novel By Tayyaba Younus Pdf


Book Name: Aisi Chali Jab Hawa Novel

Writer: Tayyaba Younus

The book Aisi Chali Jab Hawa Novel Pdf is an excellent social and romantic story by Tayyaba Younus. In this novel, the writer describes the life of a fat boy who loved a girl having stunning beauty and charm. The boy did not dare to express his feelings for the girl. The girl also liked the boy, but her hesitation brought a tragic situation. In the end, both decided to marry and settle in London.

Tayyaba Younus is a talented story writer and established novelist of Urdu. At the start of her career as a writer, she penned some excellent serialized stories and novels for the digests. It was published and gained much fame and identity for its author. Tayyaba Younus used her pen to educate the people on moral values. She highlighted the issues of the females in our community.

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