Al Noor Urdu By Prof Syed Suleman Ashraf Pdf


Book Name: Al Noor Urdu

Writer: Professor Syed Muhammad Suleman Ashraf

Al Noor Urdu Pdf is an excellent book by Syed Suleman Ashraf on India’s political history. In this book, the writer discussed the Khilafat Movement and the role of Indian Muslims in it. He analyzed the non-cooperation suggested by Gandhi, which severely damaged Muslim interests.

Prof Syed Suleman Ashraf was a great scholar, educationist, speaker, and writer. He belonged to the Barelvi school of thought and played an excellent role in Indian politics. He unveiled the conspiracies of Hindus and their Muslim proxies. I hope you like to read Al Noor Urdu Pdf Book by Suleman Ashraf and share it with your friends.

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