Alif Laam Meem Novel By Falak Shair Malik Pdf

Book Name: Alif Laam Meem Novel

Writer: Falak Shair Malik

The book Alif Laam Meem Novel Pdf is another excellent patriotic, action, and adventure story by Falak Shair Malik. In this novel, the writer told about the concept of Jihad that is a primary belief in Islam. The Muslims believed to fight against the aggression of the enemies when they attacked the Muslims.

The writer told about the freedom movement of Kashmir where Mujahideen are fighting against the occupation of Indian forces. They started an armed struggle when India refused to give them the right to self-determination. The author told the bravery of Mujahideen when they destroyed a cantonment of India and embraced Shahadat.

Falak Shair Malik is a famous story writer and versatile novelist of Urdu. At the beginning of his career, he wrote for the digests and magazines. Later, Malik penned some excellent novels and serialized stories on various topics. Moreover, he used his pen to educate the youth of the Muslims.

I hope you like to read the book Alif Laam Meem Novel Pdf and share it. Here you can download Falak Shair Malik Novels in pdf. You may read Amber Bail Novel, Mohabbat Ho Gai Akhir Novel, and Raat Rail Aur Ruqqay Novel.

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