Asanga Imran Series By Zaheer Ahmed Pdf

Book Name: Asanga Imran Series

Writer: Zaheer Ahmed

The book Asanga Imran Series Pdf is suspense, action, and adventure story by Zaheer Ahmed. It is another part of Imran Series Zaheer which consists of many volumes. The writer told about a leading terrorist of the world who entered Pakasia to complete his evil agenda. He worked on the payroll of Kafirstan agencies.

Asanga dumped much ammunition and weapons in different places. He planned to attack Pak Army and the state officials, but Ali Imran knew his plan on time. The secret service surrounded the gang and killed most of the soldiers. Ali Imran arrested the leader alive and later killed him.

Zaheer Ahmed is a top story writer and prominent novelist of Urdu. He started to write for the digest and penned some superb stories for the children. He earned fame for his action novels like Imran Series. I hope you like to read Asanga Imran Series Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Imran Series Zaheer Ahmed Pdf. You may read Dark Camp, Fo Gashay, and Sabolat Aagar.

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