Khawab Rang Aur Rastay Novel By Nighat Seema Pdf


Book Name: Khawab Rang Aur Rastay Novel

Writer: Nighat Seema

The book Khawab Rang Aur Rastay Novel is a collection of four social, romantic, and cultural stories. Nighat Seema is the writer of the book. She described the reality and true colors of life in it. She told the change in the behaviors of people after success in life. Nighat Seema discussed the dreams of a happy life and their failure due to most people’s desires.

Nighat Seema is a top female story writer, novelist, and poet. She is using her writing skills to educate people. She authored hundreds of novels and stories, which got appreciation from the readers. Nighat Seema wrote much for the digests and Urdu magazines. She wrote stories on romance, social issues, crimes, and ethics. I hope you like to read the book Khawab Rang Aur Rastay Novel By Nighat Seema and share it with your Facebook friends.

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