Baghi Hindustan By Fazal e Haq Khairabadi Pdf


Book Name: Baghi Hindustan Urdu

Writer: Allama Fazal e Haq Khairabadi

The book Baghi Hindustan Urdu Pdf is an excellent history writing which describes the independence war of 1857. Shaikh Fazal e Haq Khairabadi is the writer of the book and an eyewitness of this battle. He discussed the reasons for this riot and explained the reasons for the failure of the Indians.

Maulana Fazal e Haq Khairabadi was a great scholar of Islam in Khairabad. He authored some great books on Islam and history. He played a vital role in the war of independence and declared it an Islamic Jahad. I hope you like the book Baghi Hindustan Urdu Pdf by Fazal e Haq Khairabadi and share it with your friends.

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