Europe Par Islam Ke Ihsan By Ghulam Jilani Barq Pdf

Book Name: Europe Par Islam Ke Ihsan

Writer: Ghulam Jilani Barq

The book Europe Par Islam Ke Ihsan Pdf is excellent writing on the achievements of Muslims in the past by Ghulam Jilani Barq. In this book, the author talked about the scientific inventions and research of Muslims. The European developed his ideas later.

Muslims played a vital role in the expansion of knowledge. They established universities in Spain and translated books into Arabic and Spanish languages. It changed the whole environment in Europe, and the other nations were also started to read modern science. The Muslims taught advanced knowledge to the people of Europe and laid the foundation of many inventions.

Ghulam Jilani Barq was a great scholar of Islam and writer of many books. In his life, he authored many excellent books on history, Islam, and biography. He was the first scholar in India who addressed contemporary issues in his writings. Moreover, he quoted reliable references in his books that made them more useful.

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