Bara Aadmi Novel By Naseem Sehar Qureshi Pdf

Book Name: Bara Aadmi Novel

Writer: Naseem Sehar Qureshi

The book Bara Aadmi Novel Pdf is an excellent social and romantic novel by Naseem Sehar Qureshi. This story published first in a digest in the episode and later released in a pdf. In this novel, the author describes the life of a man who showed great sympathy and kindness for the others.

He spent his money and time for his family members and relatives. A girl did not believe in respect for relations and wanted to make decisions for her future. She did not care for her parents or any consultation with others. In the end, the girl felt regret for her past life and turned her attention to her loved ones.

Naseem Sehar Qureshi is a famous female story writer and versatile novelist of Urdu. In her long writing career, she penned many super hit stories and episodic novels. Meanwhile, she believes in quality, not quantity, and adopted a unique writing style.


I hope you like to read the book Bara Aadmi Novel Pdf and share it. Here you can download Naseem Sehar Qureshi Novels in pdf. You may read Ishq Zair Ishq Zabar Novel, Rah e Mohabbat Novel, and Dead Dog Novel.

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