Ladies Mission Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem Pdf

Book Name: Ladies Mission Imran Series

Writer: Mazhar Kaleem MA

The book Ladies Mission Imran Series Pdf is another part of the Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series. It describes the mission of Pakasia secret service full of adventure, suspense, action, and thrill. In this novel, the writer describes a strange view machine that could show some imaginary scenes to its users.

The enemies were trying to start a civil war and change in the government in Pakasia. They sent some agents to Pakasia with the device who made a hideout in the rocks. Ali Imran went after the enemies and captured their leadership. He destroyed their camps and took control over the scientific device. He planned to use it in the interest of his nation.

Mazhar Kaleem MA was a leading novelist and top story writer of Urdu, who gave many new trends. In his long writing career, he authored hundreds of stories and novels. Meanwhile, he penned the Imran Series that gave much fame to him.

I hope you like to read the book Ladies Mission Imran Series Pdf and share it with other users. Here you can download Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series Pdf. You may read Red Power, Secret Service Mission, and Lady Sundarta.

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