Black Spark Imran Series By Zaheer Ahmed Pdf

Book Name: Black Spark

Writer: Zaheer Ahmed

The book Black Spark Imran Series Pdf is a thrilling, suspense, and action story which is a part of Zaheer Ahmed Imran Series. It describes a terrorist organization who was on the payroll of the Jews. This group wanted to kill the leadership of the Muslims and launched a massive operation in this contact.

When the conspiracies of the Jews came into the knowledge of the high officials, they ordered Ali Imran to counter it. The members of the secret service went after the enemies and recognized the Black Spark and its section five. They killed most of the enemies and arrested the leader of the group.

Zaheer Ahmed is an established novelist and top story writer of Urdu. He started his career to write the stories for the children in the digests. He earned high fame when penned Imran Series in dozens of the parts. I hope you like to read Black Spark Imran Series Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Zaheer Ahmed Imran Series Pdf. You may read Tawan Imran Series, Dark Agency, and Dark King.

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