Dastan e Haram Urdu By Muhammad Asim Azmi Pdf


Book Name: Dastan e Haram

Writer: Dr Muhammad Asim Azmi

The book Dastan e Haram Pdf is an excellent piece of writing on the history of Islam by Muhammad Asim Azmi. In this book, the writer describes the difficulties of Rasool Allah and his family for the sake of Islam. Muhammad Asim Azmi discussed the details of the Hijrah, Badar, Uhad, and Hunain wars. He compared the sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain with Hazrat Ismail.

Muhammad Asim Azmi is a famous scholar, historian, and writer. He authored some excellent books on Islam and history that got tribute from the readers in his career. I hope you like the book Dastan e Haram Pdf and share it with other readers.

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