Do Rahi Anjane Novel Urdu By Rafia Aziz Pdf

Book Name: Do Rahi Anjane Novel

Writer: Rafia Aziz

The book Do Rahi Anjane Novel Pdf is another excellent social, romantic, and cultural story by Rafia Aziz. This story published in episode form in a digest and got much appreciation of the readers. The author describes the life of a couple who lost each other in a dramatic situation.

After a long time, they met and felt regret for their past. The couple aimed not to repeat mistakes and went on a long journey. In this novel, the writer gave the lesson of patience, love, hope, and believe in Allah. She said that love demands some sacrifices gives pain but offers sweet fruit in the end.

Rafia Aziz is a talented story writer and emerging female novelist of Urdu. In her short but brilliant writing career, she penned some excellent stories and novels for the digests. Moreover, she adopted a unique writing style and wrote on different public issues. I hope you like to read the book Do Rahi Anjane Novel Pdf and share it.

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