Zard Angan Novel By Roohi Farrukh Pdf


Book Name: Zard Angan Novel

Writer: Roohi Farrukh

The book Zard Angan Novel Pdf is an excellent social, romantic, and reform story by Roohi Farrukh. In this novel, the writer describes the life of a married girl with her parent’s consent. She did not agree to marry but accepted the proposal at her parent’s request.

After some years, the man divorced the girl, and her relatives also turned her face away. During this challenging time, the girl decided to bring up her children without any other help. She worked hard without caring for the scorn of others. In the end, she got a positive result and made the career of her children.

Roohi Farrukh is a talented story writer, poet, and famous novelist of Urdu. She believes in quality, not quantity, so she authored some excellent books in her career. Meanwhile, Roohi Farrukh knew women’s issues in our society very well. I hope you like to read the book Zard Angan Novel Pdf and share it.

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