6 September 1965 Tareekh By Zahid Hussain Pdf


Book Name: 6 September 1965 Tareekh

Writer: Zahid Hussain Anjum

The book 6 September 1965 Pdf is an excellent writing on the war between Pakistan and India. Zahid Hussain Anjum describes many significant events that changed the scenario in this book. He tributed to the bravery of the soldiers of the Pakistan Army, who fought for seventeen days without care for any danger. They embraced Shahadat but saved the territory of their motherland.

Zahid Hussain Anjum is a famous writer of Urdu and English. In his brilliant career, he authored many books on current issues and history in both languages. His books are trendy for students of competitive exams and other scholars. I hope you like to read the book 6 September 1965 Tareekh Pdf by Zahid Hussain Anjum and share it with your friends.

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