Ghazi Novel By Abu Shuja Abu Waqar Pdf


Name: Ghazi Novel

Writer: Abu Shuja Abu Waqar

The book Ghazi Novel Pdf is a story of a commando mission of Abu Shuja Abu Waqar. The story revolves around the separation of East Pakistan. The writer describes the details of the adventure of a spy. He went to India and Bangladesh to complete his task.

In this dangerous situation, the commando controlled his nerve and achieved his goals. He rescued the family of Raja and took some documents to Pakistan. Ghazi Abu Shuja Abu Waqar also faced the cruelty of Indian forces but deceived the intelligence of India many times. The book is a historical document on the separation of the Eastern part of Pakistan and the bloodshed during this incident.

Abu Shuja Abu Waqar is a pen name of Syed Saleem Gilani. He penned two books that told the real stories. Moreover, the author explained the situation after the Dhaka fall. He talked about the moral condition of the Pakistanis after this incident. I hope you like reading the book Ghazi Novel Pdf and sharing it with your friends on social media.

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