Chehray Urdu By Masood Mufti Free Pdf

Book Name: Chehray Urdu

Writer: Masood Mufti

The book Chehray Urdu Pdf is an excellent history book by Masood Mufti. In this publication, the writer described the reasons behind the East Pakistan crisis and the Dhaka Fall. He presented in Dhaka at the time of the bloodshed and witnessed the situation with his eyes.

Meanwhile, the writer analyzed the role of political leaders and military commanders in this incident. It was the black day in the history of Pakistan when Tiger Niazi surrendered before Ajit Arora in Paltan ground. The Indian troops entered Dhaka and captured seventy thousand war prisoners. After the Shimla treaty, Bhutto and Indra Gandhi agreed to release the prisoners of war.

Masood Mufti reported all the situations of anarchy in this book. He explained the role of Mujib Ur Rehman and Bhutto in this incident. The book contains many historical facts and events. I hope you like to read the book Chehray Urdu Pdf by Masood Mufti and share it with your friends.

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