Ghazwat e Muqaddas By Inayatullah Warsi Pdf

Book Name: Ghazwat e Muqaddas

Writer: Inayatullah Warsi

The book Ghazwat e Muqaddas Pdf is an excellent piece of writing on the history of Islam by Inayatullah Warsi. It describes the details of some wars in the early times of Islam in the presence of the Holy Prophet SAW. The book contains the details of Ghazwa e Badar, Ghazwa e Uhad, Ghazwa e Ahzab, Ghazwa e Khyber, Fatah e Makkah, Ghazwa e Hunain, and Ghazwa e Tabook.

Inayatullah Warsi is a famous researcher and writer who authored some excellent books on history and Islam. In his writings, he quoted reliable references that give authentic information to readers. Moreover, Inayatullah Warsi tried to inform the youth about the achievements of their ancestors. I hope you like to read the book Ghazwat e Muqaddas Pdf and share it with your friends.

Here you can download Inayatullah Warsi Books in pdf. You may read Ashab e Kahf, Aasar e Qayamat, and 60 Bakamal Khawateen. If you want more, you can subscribe to our website to get updates about new book posts.

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