60 Bakamal Khawateen By Maulana Ishaq Bhatti Pdf

Book Name: 60 Bakamal Khawateen

Writer: Muhammad Ishaq Bhatti

The book 60 Bakamal Khawateen Pdf is another writing on the history of Islam by Maulana Ishaq Bhatti. It is a collection of biographies of some great Sahabiyat, who sat some significant examples for the later women. The writer talked about their services for Islam that helped to achieve unique goals.

Maulana Ishaq Bhatti was a great scholar, historian, biographer, and writer. In his brilliant writing career, he authored some excellent books on different topics. Meanwhile, Maulana Ishaq Bhatti penned some super hit books on history and biography that earned fame for him. I hope you like to read the book 60 Bakamal Khawateen Pdf by Maulana Ishaq Bhatti and share it with your contacts.

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