Ghubar e Karwan By Ashraf Saboohi Dehlvi

Book Name: Ghubar e Karwan

Writer: Ashraf Saboohi Dehlvi

Ashraf Saboohi Dehlvi is the author of the book Ghubar e Karwan Pdf. It is a collection of some articles about the city of Dehli. The author told the culture and civilisation of Dehli. He said that the people of that have a special lifestyle which is not found in any other part of the India. Ashraf Saboohi describes the personalities, famous things, and places of Dehli.

The book is a treasure of Urdu literature and history. Ashraf Saboohi was a great writer of Urdu. He has a unique style of writing. Some of her essays are a part of school education syllabus. I hope you like to read the book Ghubar e Karwan Pdf.

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