Sabziyon Se Ilaj By Hakeem Ibne Jalal Sialkoti Pdf

Book Name: Sabziyon Se Ilaj

Writer: Hakeem Ibne Jalal Sialkoti

The book Sabziyon Se Ilaj pdf is an excellent book in the eastern cure method. Hakeem Ibne Jalal Sialkoti is the writer of the book. He describes the benefits of different vegetables. He told the cure of many diseases with the help of vegetables which are available in Pakistan.

Hakeem Ibne Jalal is a physician and writer. He has a vast knowledge of Eastern medicine. He authored some famous books for the common people in which he told the cure of some diseases with the help of natural products. I hope you like to read the book Sabziyon Se Ilaj pdf. You may read Mah O Roz By Hakeem Muhammad Saeed and Urdu Hikmat Book Haziq By Hakeem Ajmal Khan.

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