Ghuraba Novel Urdu By Dr Binte Islam Pdf


Book Name: Ghuraba Novel

Writer: Dr. Binte Islam

The book Ghuraba Novel Pdf is an excellent social, romantic, and reform story by Dr. Binte Islam. In this novel, the writer describes the love of a couple who became close after an incident. The girl contained modern thoughts, and the boy was an orthodox Muslim.

The author explained the complications of life when the couple has different opinions. Meanwhile, she mentioned the teachings of Islam regarding such matters and presented the solution to every problem. The people are facing a lot of difficulties and returning to Islam again.

Dr. Binte Islam is a physician, writer, and poet. She had a lot of talent for writing and produced some excellent stories. Moreover, her stories were published in the monthly digest and gained much fame. She discussed the issues of the public in her novels in a unique writing style. I hope you like to read the book Ghuraba Novel Pdf and share it.

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