Green Virus Imran Series By Zaheer Ahmed Pdf

Book Name: Green Virus Imran Series

Writer: Zaheer Ahmed

The book Green Virus Imran Series Pdf is another part of Zaheer Ahmed Imran Series. It describes another mission of Ali Imran and his team, which is full of suspense, passion, and action. They entered in Kafirstan after knew that enemy produced a virus which spread with mosquitoes and kills the human.

Ali Imran and his colleagues were in search of the laboratory and formula. Ali Imran met the enemies in the cover of a scientist and got the method of Green Virus. After it, the secret service killed the whole of their team and destroyed the laboratory. They assured a safe exit from the territory of the enemy and left them in much anger.

Zaheer Ahmed is a famous novelist and trendsetter story writer of Urdu. He authored hundreds of stories and novels in his unique writing style. He earned fame for his action stories like Imran Series. I hope you like to read Green Virus Imran Series Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Zaheer Ahmed Imran Series Pdf. You may read Maka Zonga, Black Drops, and Lasilky Imran Series.

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