Halakat Khez Imran Series Jild 29 By Ibne Safi Pdf

Book Name: Halakat Khez Imran Series Jild 29

Writer: Ibne Safi

The book Halakat Khez Novel Pdf is a collection of three stories which is a part of Imran Series Jild 29. Ibne Safi is the author of these suspense, crime, and thrill stories. He told about some missions of Ali Imran and his team which fought against the enemies of their country.

Ibne Safi was a legend novelist and famous story writer of Urdu. He included the humour in action novels first time. Ibne Safi authored dozens of the books but got fame for his two great series of the books. I hope you like to read the book Halakat Khez Novel Pdf and share it with your friends.

Here you can download Ibne Safi Novels in pdf. You may read Jonk Aur Nagin Imran Series Jild 27, Baba Sag Parast Imran Series Jild 28, and Dehshat Saz Novel.

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