Tareekh Jang e Azadi Hind 1857 Urdu Pdf


Book Name: Tareekh Jang e Azadi Hind 1857

Writer: Syed Khursheed Mustafa Rizvi

The book Tareekh Jang e Azadi Hind 1857 Pdf by Khursheed Mustafa Rizvi is an excellent history book that describes the events of the independence war of 1857. The Indians wanted to get rid of the rule of the East India Company. They started a militant movement against the British under the leadership of the Mughal Emperor.

The British defeated the Indians and suppressed the armed men. They killed thousands of people during this fight, which increased the anger of the Indians. Khursheed Mustafa Rizvi discussed all the significant events of this war. He told about the loss of the Muslims in this war. He explained the social and political status of the Mohammedans after this war.

S Khursheed Mustafa Rizvi is a famous scholar and writer who authored some excellent books. He tried to educate the youth about the events of the past. I hope you like to read the book Tareekh Jang e Azadi Hind 1857 Pdf and share it with your friends.

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