Hameed Shahid Ke Afsanay By Hameed Shahid Pdf


Book Name: Hameed Shahid Ke Afsanay

Writer: Hameed Shahid

The book Hameed Shahid Ke Afsanay Pdf is a collection of some great short stories by Hameed Shahid. The writer discussed different social and moral issues in the book. He told the desires of the people, which increase all the time. He describes the change in social and moral values.

Hameed Shahid criticized the selfishness of the people towards blood relations. He praised the beauty of nature, like day and night, rain and wind, cold and warm, breeze and sunshine, etc. He mentioned the feelings and emotions of humans on different matters of life.

Hameed Shahid is a famous short story writer and translator. He authored some super hit short stories which published and got appreciation. Hameed Shahid translated many books from English to Urdu. He served the Urdu language through his work. I hope you like to read the book Hameed Shahid Ke Afsanay Pdf and share it with your contacts.

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