Hazoor Ka Bachpan By Shehnaz Kausar Pdf

Book Name: Hazoor Ka Bachpan

Writer: Shehnaz Kausar

The book Hazoor Ka Bachpan Pdf is an excellent writing on the life of the Holy Prophet SAW by Shehnaz Kausar. In this book, the writer describes the experience of Rasool Allah SAW from birth to Childhood. She mentioned the time and scenario of Arab when the Prophet of Islam was born in a noble family of Quraish.

Shehnaz Kausar discussed the family background of Rasool Allah and his relatives. She told about Halima Sadia, who fed for some years to Holy Prophet SAW. She talked about the death of Hazrat Abdullah, Hazrat Amina, and Abdul Mutallab, who were the parents of Hazrat Muhammad SAW.

Shehnaz Kausar is a famous female writer, novelist, and staff member of a digest. In her brilliant writing career, she authored some excellent stories and novels. Meanwhile, she penned a series of books about the life of the Prophet of Islam with great care. I hope you like the book Hazoor Ka Bachpan Pdf and share it.

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