Hazrat Awais Qarni By Syed Irtaza Ali Kirmani Pdf

Book Name: Ashiq e Rasool Hazrat Awais Qarni R.A

Writer: Syed Irtaza Ali Kirmani

The book Hazrat Awais Qarni Pdf is a biography of Hazrat Owais Qarni by Syed Irtaza Ali Kirmani. In this book, the writer described the lifespan, virtues, and character of Awais Qarni. He explained the predictions of Rasool Allah about him and his meeting with Maula Ali and Hazrat Umar R.A.

Syed Irtaza Ali Kirmani is a famous biographer, scholar, and writer. He authored some excellent biographies of the great personalities of Islam and gained fame. Syed Irtaza Ali Kirmani has a vast knowledge of Islam and Tasawwaf. I hope you like to read the book Hazrat Awais Qarni Pdf and share it.

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