Al Murtaza Urdu By Syed Abul Hassan Nadvi Pdf


Book Name: Al Murtaza Urdu

Writer: Syed Abul Hassan Nadvi

Al Murtaza Urdu PDF is an excellent book describing the lifespan of Hazrat Ali Ul Murtaza R.A. He was a great companion and cousin of the Prophet of Islam P.B.U.H. Maula Ali Murtaza R.A. served the Muslims as a Caliph after Hazrat Usman Bin Afan R.A. He fought many wars against the Mushrikeen and Khawarij.

Allama Abul Hassan Nadvi is the author of the book. He was a great scholar of Islam and a historian. Abul Hassan Nadvi wrote some great books, including the serial Tareekh Dawat O Azeemat. His writings are trustworthy and informative. I hope you like to read the book Al Murtaza Urdu PDF by Abul Hassan Nadvi and share it with your friends.

You can download the Abul Hassan Nadvi Books in PDF here. You may read Tareekh Dawat O Azeemat Urdu, Aurad e Fatiha, and Seerat Imam Hussain Urdu. If you like more, subscribe to our website for updates about fresh posts.

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