Hum Dhool Na Ho Jaen By Farhana Naz Malik Pdf

Book Name: Hum Dhool Na Ho Jaen Novel

Writer: Farhana Naz Malik

The book Hum Dhool Na Ho Jaen Pdf is an excellent social and romantic novel by Farhana Naz Malik. In this novel, the writer explained the feelings of women for their relations. She criticized the people who do not care for their relatives and felt regret about it later.

This story published first in a monthly digest in the episode form and gained much appreciation of the readers. The author gave the lesson of love, patience, and care for the others. Moreover, she talked about the rights of women and their violation in our community. She quoted the teachings of Islam towards female rights and advised the Muslims to follow it.

Farhana Naz Malik was a talented story writer and female novelist of Urdu. In her short writing career, she produced some quality books and episodic novels. Farhana Naz Malik lost her life in a car accident at an early age and left thousands of her fans sad. I hope you like to read the book Hum Dhool Na Ho Jaen Pdf and share it with your friends on different social media sites.

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