Ibne Rushd Urdu By Muhammad Younas Ansari Pdf

Book Name: Ibne Rushd Urdu

Writer: Maulana Younas Ansari

The book Ibne Rushd Urdu Pdf is an excellent biography of Allama Ibn e Rushd by Maulana Younas Ansari. In this publication, the writer discussed the lifespan, teachings, and philosophy of Imam Ibn e Rushd. He is famous for the title of Averroes in the western world.

Allama Ibn e Rushd was a great scholar of Islam, philosopher, mathematician, and Aristotelian. In his career, he authored some excellent books in philosophy and Islam. Moreover, he gave some new trends in theory to Muslim scholars. I hope you like to read the book Ibne Rushd Urdu Pdf by Maulana Younas Ansari and share it.

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