Imam Pak Aur Yazeed Paleed By Shafi Okarvi Pdf


Book Name: Imam Pak Aur Yazeed Paleed

Writer: Maulana Muhammad Shafi Okarvi

Imam Pak Aur Yazeed Paleed Pdf is an excellent book about the incident of Karbala and the Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Hussain AS. Maulana Shafi Okarvi discussed and compared the character of Imam Hussain and the Yazid. He explained the role of Yazid in the Hara and Karbala incidents.

Syedna Imam Hussain was the grandson of the Holy Prophet SAW. He was the beloved son of Hazrat Ali Ul Murtaza and Syeda Fatima Zahra S.A. In 61 of Hijra, Imam Hussain went to Karbala with his family to stop the sins and cruelty of Yazid Bin Muavia, a ruler in the Ummayad Caliphate and the son of Amir Muavia.

According to some critics, Yazid was involved in many crimes and left the following of the Holy Prophet SAW. After a bloody war, Hazrat Imam Hussain and his family embraced Shahadat in Karbala. Yazid became the symbol of hate and cruelty in the history of Islam.

Maulana Shafi Okarvi was a great scholar, speaker, and writer. He had a great love for the Prophet of Islam and his family. In his career, Maulana Shafi Okarvi penned two books in praise and defense of Hazrat Imam Hussain AS. I hope you like to read the book Imam Pak Aur Yazeed Paleed Pdf and share it.

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