Nabuwat Ke Jhoote Dawedar By Zia Tasneem Pdf


Book Name: Nabuwat Ke Jhoote Dawedar

Writer: Zia Tasneem Bilgrami

Nabuwat Ke Jhoote Dawedar Pdf is an excellent book by Zia Tasneem Bilgrami. In this publication, the writer described the life of some people who claimed false prophethood. They had some mesmerism tricks and influenced thousands of people. It includes the growth of Talha Asadi, Sajjah Binte Haris, Musailma Kazzab, etc.

These stories were published in a digest and later released in a book shape. The sequence of false prophethood started in the times of the Prophet of Islam and reached its peak during the rule of Hazrat Abubakar Siddique. He fought a bloody war against this false claimant and defeated them.

Zia Tasneem Bilgrami is a famous biographer, scholar, and writer who authored some excellent books on history and Islam. She often writes for the monthly digests of Urdu. I hope you like to read the book Nabuwat Ke Jhoote Dawedar Pdf by Zia Tasneem Bilgrami and share it with your social media friends.

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